The SPIFOX Wellbeing Garden

Lesslie Young, Chief Executive at Epilepsy Scotland announces an exciting new development at Epilepsy Scotland, the SPIFOX Wellbeing Garden.

For such a long time, we envisaged a garden space at our centre in Glasgow that would provide a space for so many to enjoy in so many ways, and on Monday I was delighted to see work commence on this exciting new development at Epilepsy Scotland on Govan Road, the SPIFOX Wellbeing Garden.

The garden has been designed as an accessible multi-use space.

It will be a tremendous asset to Epilepsy Scotland, be utilised by all areas of the organisation and provide another element to the variety ways we support people of different ages living with epilepsy. This exceptional space will include:

  • A covered workshop space.
  • A kitchen area with pizza oven.
  • Greenhouses and planters for keen gardeners.
  • Accessible picnic tables for eating and craft workshops.
  • A lawn area for games.
  • A path with sensory interest points.

The space might be a sanctuary for a parent to catch a few minutes to themselves, a place to display artwork and celebrate the creativity of the people in our community, a safe space for our youth group to explore new hobbies or learn new skills and a great spot for a round of mini golf or giant Jenga!

After a difficult 2020 with so many activities for our youth and wellbeing groups cancelled, having this permanent outside space is truly a welcome light at the end of a long tunnel.

The garden will be the impetus for a host of new workshops, volunteering opportunities and partnerships for the future. Given the creativity of the Epilepsy Scotland team there will be no shortage of ideas.


A huge thank you SPIFOX

SPIFOX (the Scottish Property Industry Festival of Christmas) was launched in 1983 by a group of property and construction professionals. The first Christmas Carol Concert and lunch raised £3,000.

Since then, this amazing organisation has raised, and donated, net proceeds of approaching £5.1million.

The dedicated group of people at SPIFOX, work tirelessly to support other charities and we cannot thank them enough for supporting us with this development

Jeremy Milliken, SPIFOX Trustee said: “Spifox is delighted to support Epilepsy Scotland in creating this wonderful Wellbeing Garden.

The concept of the garden and the number of children who will benefit from being able to use the garden over the many years to come, makes this is an ideal project for Spifox to support.”


An ongoing legacy

The creation of this inviting, stimulating outside space will play a huge part in enhancing the service Epilepsy Scotland can provide to young people, children, and families of people with epilepsy as well as the wider community.

The garden will be a tranquil space for some, a stimulating space for others and open up possibilities for a wide range of activities.

Improving the urban environment has a huge positive impact on the mental health of people who access the space.

By creating a special place for children with epilepsy, so different from the clinical settings they are often in can only aid mental and emotional wellbeing. There are so many opportunities to support so many.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with progress and welcoming you to the grand opening!