Epilepsy can be tough on children and young people.  Connecting with others who also have epilepsy can make a young person feel less alone and may help overcome isolation, low confidence and low self-esteem.

If your child is aged 8-21, we can provide a variety of support which can be life changing:

“The youth group means the world to me. If it was not for the youth group then I wouldn’t have somewhere where I can be myself and not worry about getting bullied.  The youth group is somewhere where I feel safe and secure where I can go if I have something on my mind.”

“Epilepsy Scotland has helped me at this time because I look forward to the Zoom chats and it’s a lot of fun. We do different things each day and it’s good to talk to everyone and I always feel good after and during it. The youth workers have been very good at keeping us occupied and having fun ideas too.”

“She had lost her wee sparkle for months there and I couldn’t figure out what caused her to lose that amount of confidence but over the past few weeks, I can see it, it’s back. This group is making such a difference for her. I can see the sparkle in her again”

Youth Groups

Our youth groups are a social place for young people with epilepsy to meet others who are going through similar experiences. It is a group to make friends, have fun and support one another. We have a range of groups online which are open to any young person with epilepsy in Scotland and face to face groups which are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The groups do a range of activities depending on the interests of the members. Such as games, cooking, arts and crafts, trampolining, bowling and workshops about epilepsy, sleep and managing stress. The aim of the project is to increase individual’s confidence, independence and social circle.

Also, the groups go to adventure weekend residentials where they take part in a number of fun adventure activities which helps them with their independence.

Tues Evening  /  12-21yrs  /  Virtual Youth Group for all in Scotland
Thurs Evening  /  8-12yrs  /  Virtual Youth Group for all in Scotland
Thurs Evening  /  12-21yrs  /  Glasgow Youth Group face to face
Fri Afternoon  /  12-21yrs  /  Edinburgh Youth Group face to face
Fri  Evening  /  12 -21yrs  /  Fortnightly Film Night for all in Scotland

Other youth services

1:1 support meetings

Our Epilepsy Scotland Youth Workers can offer one to one support to a young person and discuss how their epilepsy affects their life. The conversation is directed by the young person and will be different for every person. This could include their epilepsy, medication, friendships, school, memory, sleep and independence. The length and frequency of meetings are dictated by the person’s need and can be done face to face, video meetings or phone calls depending on location and preference.

Happy Mail

A fun letter sent monthly to a child or young person of any age in Scotland with epilepsy. A letter contains different themed activities to do at home along with some helpful resources for those with epilepsy.

Youth Ambassadors

A group of 16+yr olds who are keen to raise their voice about epilepsy. They are a dedicated team of volunteers who work on different projects which they think are important. Actions may involve input in our youth groups, influencing decisions within the organisation and developing information for the wider public. Meetings take place virtually on a monthly basis – day/ times changeable.

Primary School Epilepsy Awareness Talks

Our Youth Workers deliver assembly talks and workshops to primary schools within Scotland about epilepsy. Workshops are aimed for P6 and P7 classes and can be adapted for younger year groups. Talks can take place within school or virtually depending on the location. Assembly talks are 15 minutes and workshops can last 1.5hrs, but both can be altered to suit the needs of you and your school.

For more information on the youth service activities and how to join, contact Kirstyn at kcameron@epilepsyscotland.org.uk or Shelby sjohnston@epilepsyscotland.org.uk . Kirstyn runs the Edinburgh group and Shelby the Glasgow group, both can answer any queries about the virtual groups.

Please Donate

With very little statutory funding, we rely on donations to enable us to continue our vital work. Every donation helps to ensure our services continue.