For children

Our resources for children are designed to introduce children and young people to epilepsy in an age appropriate way.

Our storybooks are available online, in print, and as audiobooks.  For those of pre-school and early primary school age, we have two books:

For those in primary 5 and 6 we have our Happiness Heroes book and audiobook.

For young people (teens)

Our teen guide, Getting on with life, aims to help a young person understand their condition and helps them make more informed decisions.  It is suitable for young people who have had epilepsy for a while, or have just been diagnosed.  The guide explores epilepsy, and what a diagnosis may mean for a young person in a sensitive, supportive and informative way.


For parents

If your child has just been diagnosed, you may find it reassuring to know that the majority of children respond well to anti-seizure medication and become seizure free. This means that for those children, their lives will usually not be affected by their epilepsy.

To help parents navigate epilepsy, check out our parent guide aimed at parents of newly diagnosed children. The guide will help parents find answers to the most frequently asked questions and will give parents a better understanding of epilepsy and what it might mean for their child. 

Please Donate

With very little statutory funding, we rely on donations to enable us to continue our vital work. Every donation helps to ensure our services continue.