Our Check-in service offers regular weekly calls for around 10 weeks to anyone who has a diagnosis of epilepsy and may experience a difficult time in their life.  We can also consider offering our Check in support to parents/caregivers of someone with epilepsy as we appreciate the huge impact it can have on the whole family.

One of our experienced helpline officers will contact the person checking in on their mental health and wellbeing and offering ongoing support with their epilepsy, as well as emotional and practical support.

We set up this service to address the mental health impact of epilepsy, and the isolation and loneliness which often goes hand in hand with an epilepsy diagnosis.

Our weekly calls help build confidence and trust, and can empower the person to take positive steps towards better mental and physical health.

This is a free service.  Anyone can refer themselves to this service by phoning 0808 800 2200 or emailing contact@epilepsyscotland.org.uk

Check-in service feedback

“Having the support is wonderful when someone understands the impact epilepsy can have on mental health. I know I can turn to them when I am struggling.”


“Thank you so much for this support. I feel so much less anxious now and having the weekly check in was invaluable and really helped me feel that epilepsy wasn’t ruling my life.”


“When I got that first call from you I felt so overwhelmed I was almost paralysed.  I had no support and felt invisible.  That first call was like someone throwing me a life belt and slowly but surely I’m getting closer to the shore: to where I can feel the ground beneath my feet.”

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