Wellbeing service - Epilepsy Scotland

If you are struggling with your epilepsy, feel anxious, stressed or isolated, this Glasgow based service might be for you.

A diagnosis of epilepsy can touch on so many aspects of a person’s life such as affecting confidence and self-esteem, as well as job, social life, leisure activities, driving, and independence.  These sudden changes to a person’s life may lead to increased stress and anxiety.

This service is helping you understand the link between stress and seizures, and will give you the tools to address these underlying issues which often go hand in hand with epilepsy, potentially leading to an improvement in seizure control.

Our Wellbeing service is a holistic service which offers

  • 1:1 support sessions
  • breathing and relaxation classes
  • access to professional counselling
  • as well as seminars on specific subjects such as memory, diet and lifestyle

Participants of this service will also be able to join our epilepsy support group or have an opportunity to become buddy volunteers for participants of the programme.

If social anxiety stops you from accessing this service, we can offer professional counselling skills based support in the community and in the home to allow you to benefit from this programme.

This is a free service, and open to anyone who can travel to our Glasgow office.  For more information, please contact Bruce, Viola or Jennie at wellbeing@epilepsyscotland.org.uk or telephone 0141 427 4911.