My experience of living with epilepsy

  Helenann Murray was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2016. Helenann’s partner and her middle child also have epilepsy. Below Helenann shares her experiences and the challenges she and her family have faced.  

Young people

Epilepsy Scotland’s Youth Group service

  Our Youth Development Worker, Shelby Johnston looks at how Epilepsy Scotland’s Youth Groups continue to support young people during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Update from CEO, Lesslie Young

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young looks at how the coronavirus pandemic has brought the importance of charities into focus and how our work is #NeverMoreNeeded.

Helping young people during COVID19

  Our Youth Development Workers Kirstyn Cameron and Shelby Johnson looks at the importance for young people to have positive connections during this lockdown period.


Update from Chief Executive, Lesslie Young

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young looks at the disappointing response from the Institute of Fundraising to the COVID19 crisis when Epilepsy Scotland needed them most.


Protecting yourself from increased seizures

  Our Helpline & Information Officer, Stuart Macgee looks at ways to protect yourself from increased seizures during this period of lockdown and if you are showing symptoms of COVID19.


Update from Chief Executive, Lesslie Young

  In our fourth week of lockdown we are now settled into our new living and working environments, despite the challenges this brings us as individuals, families, organisations and of course people living with epilepsy.


Explaining Coronavirus to young people

  Our Youth Development Worker, Kirstyn Cameron looks at how to explain Coronavirus to young people and how to help them cope during this difficult time.


Coronavirus Bill – an update from Lesslie Young, Chief Executive

  There is much in the news just now about information and misinformation. At a time when truth, accuracy and transparency are vital, Epilepsy Scotland is working to provide you with the information needed to help us all through this incredibly difficult situation.


Statement from Epilepsy Scotland Chief Executive, Lesslie Young

  We continue to live and work in a time of great uncertainty. We continue to adapt to new regulations, new ways of working and the impact all this has on our day to day lives. Despite all this, Epilepsy Scotland continues to provide our vital services and those very services are needed now more … Continued


Benefits that you may be entitled to

  We know many people have money worries at the moment. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the benefits that you might be eligible for. We have summarised how to access some benefits. Additionally, we have outlined changes that you might be able to expect if you are currently receiving benefits.


An update from Lesslie Young, Chief Executive

  I hope you are all well and coping with the very different way of life due to the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone at Epilepsy Scotland appreciates this a period of great uncertainty. This may lead to some people experiencing more seizures than normal, feeling anxious or stressed.

epilepsy and family

Living with epilepsy and having a family

  Recently Stacey and her partner Ryan had their second child, a happy healthy little boy. They were eager to share their experiences to help other people with epilepsy who are thinking of starting a family.

Epilepsy for employers

Our new Epilepsy for Employers course

  Our Training Manager, Nicola Milne provides information on our new Epilepsy for Employers course designed for managers, HR Personnel and people supporting someone with epilepsy in the workplace.


Neurological Care and Support in Scotland

  In 2019, the Scottish Government consulted on Scotland’s first Neurological Action Plan. Several organisations and individuals, including Epilepsy Scotland, contributed to the consultation. This was done to ensure that any commitments made addressed issues that people with neurological conditions face.

Talk Epilepsy

My experience of growing up with epilepsy

  Ashleigh was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just 11 months old. Thanks to surgery, Ashleigh hasn’t had a seizure since March 2018. Below she shares her experiences growing up with epilepsy.