Ben Smith wearing an Epilepsy Scotland vest

Why I decided to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland


One of our fundraisers, Ben Smith explains why he started fundraising for Epilepsy Scotland.

Ben Smith has raised over £3,000 for Epilepsy Scotland over the last three years. Ben has taken part in various challenges including the Loch Leven Half Marathon, Stirling and Edinburgh Marathons plus much more.

Most recently, Ben organised a Purple Day event, which raised £400 for Epilepsy Scotland at Gym 64 in Kirkcaldy where he works.

Below Ben explains how fundraising for Epilepsy Scotland has helped his epilepsy.


What made you decide to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland?

I decided to fundraise because of having epilepsy myself. It has had a massive impact on my life. I have had to make big changes such as career/health and just my general day to day living.


Have you received any support from Epilepsy Scotland?

They have supported me in every way possible with my fundraising events and my challenges I have completed to help raise awareness and money for the charity.

Also, they have given me advice on how to raise a little more money with little things I could do and how to spread awareness. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help all there fundraisers.


Ben Smith running

What would you say to others who are looking to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland?

I would say go for it. But if your unsure or have any questions at all go onto there website and read about the organisation and everything they do to help raise awareness.

Also, get in touch with one of the local offices and speak to a member of the team who will help.

I have worked with many of the team members now and each every single one of them has gone the extra mile. They have helped me with everything I have decided to do with fundraising for Epilepsy Scotland.


Has fundraising helped in any way with your epilepsy?

Yes, I would say it’s definitely helped. I feel I have made a difference by spreading more awareness and helping other people in the same position.

When I first started fundraising for Epilepsy Scotland, I was having several seizures every week and it was having massive impact on my life.

Since fundraising, my seizures have reduced each year. I am now officially 14 days away until being one year seizure free.

I think helping others, focusing on fundraising and trying to raise awareness has kept me focused. Overall it has been a massive help. It  has helped me successfully manage to be better and improve my all round health.

If you would like to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland, please email our fundraising team on or call 0141 427 4911.