Lillian and Darren

Why I decided to complete the Dundee Kiltwalk for Epilepsy Scotland

The Kiltwalk is such a brilliant event for us. Each year, we have so many walkers who come together to help support the work of Epilepsy Scotland.

Everything raised is topped up by a massive 50% with thanks to the Sir Tom Hunter Foundation.

This year has been our biggest yet, we are overwhelmed by the number of people willing to walk miles to help raise funds and awareness of Epilepsy Scotland.

The Dundee Kiltwalk took place on Sunday 21 August and we heard from a very proud dad after the event. Darren and his nine-year-old daughter Lilian completed the Mighty Stride.

The Mighty Stride is a route of 26 miles and Lilian was determined to cross that finish line.

We spoke to Darren to find out what led them to sign up to this brilliant challenge.

He said: “Lillian was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy earlier this year. It was a really frightening and emotional time for her and after initially feeling embarrassed and scared, Lillian decided to embrace it and learn to adjust, adapt and overcome.

To show thanks for the help and support Lillian received from the epilepsy team at Ninewells Hospital, she decided she wanted to do something MIGHTY to give back!

We were going to do the ‘Big Stroll’ which is a distance of 13 miles as we weren’t sure if 26 miles was too long.

I think the doubt is what made Lillian sign up and gave her this fierce determination to complete it.

It really helped her to see she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. We are all so proud of her.”


Dundee Kiltwalk challenge

When asked what the day was like, Darren told us:

“The best bit about the day was the amount of people who took time to stop and chat to Lillian and myself.

So many people spoke to her along the way. To cheer her on tell her how motivated she was making them feel.

The messages she received from the Kiltwalk community afterwards were extremely touching.

It’s an experience that will live with Lillian for years to come and I’m so glad we signed up, took part and helped others living with epilepsy.”

Thank you so much Lilian for being such a great supporter of Epilepsy Scotland. We really appreciate all your hard work and determination.

You have raised over £773 which will also be topped up by 50% This will make a huge difference to our charity, thank you!

Kiltwalk takes place every year in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. If you would like to sign up for next year, please click here to find out more.

There are loads of challenges you and your family can take part in throughout the year so please get in touch if you would like to hear more about them by emailing us at