Volunteers Week: Why I volunteer with Epilepsy Scotland’s Youth Groups

All week, we are talking to some of our fantastic volunteers for Volunteers Week! Today, we talk to Ryan who shares why he became a volunteer with our Purple Pandas Youth Group.


How did you get involved with Epilepsy Scotland?

I got involved with Epilepsy Scotland in 2012 after being recommended to join the youth group by a couple of friends who I went to Florida with.


Why did you decide to become a volunteer with the Purple Pandas Group?

I decided to become a volunteer with the Purple Pandas Group because I’ve been part of Epilepsy Scotland Youth Group for a long time and enjoyed taking part in all the activities and I would like to help give the younger children the same opportunity as I have had.

My volunteering has involved:

  • Having one to one training sessions to improve my confidence
  • Helping to start up the Purple Pandas Group
  • Assisting the younger children to become more confident and to have fun
  • Leading the group to play different games
  • Keeping scores of games played
  • Having an online film and pizza night
  • Making new members of the group feel welcomed


What has been the best part of volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland?

The best part of volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland has been getting to start up the Purple Pandas Group and meeting the younger members and hopefully give them the same confidence that I have gained from being part of the group.


What do you think you’ve gained from volunteering?

From volunteering, I’ve gained confidence, the ability to talk about my epilepsy and how it affects me as a person.

Also, being able to listen to stories from the younger kids.


What has been your proudest volunteering moments with Epilepsy Scotland?

The proudest volunteering moments was when we were finally able to start up the Purple Pandas Group online after over a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic.


What would you say to someone who is looking to be a volunteer for Epilepsy Scotland?

Come along, have fun and meet lots of friendly people.

If you would like to volunteer for Epilepsy Scotland, please email our Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator, Linzi Donald at ldonald@epilepsyscotland.org.uk or call 0141 427 4911.