Dave McTernan

Volunteer spotlight: Dave McTernan

Our fantastic volunteer, Dave McTernan shares why he volunteers for Epilepsy Scotland and what he has gained by volunteering.

My role as moderator in the Facebook support group is to help with the smooth running of the group.

To add new members when requested and to ensure that it’s a safe and confidential environment by monitoring posts/comments.

Also, to help members with any enquiries they may have relating to the group and Epilepsy Scotland’s many services.

I try to spread epilepsy awareness and support people I know, volunteering as a moderator allows me to do the same but with many more people.

I love volunteering for Epilepsy Scotland, they are a charity very close to my heart. There are more than 55,000 people in Scotland living with this condition and Epilepsy Scotland are a voice for all of us and our families.

I approached Epilepsy Scotland when I was having a particularly difficult time handling my life with epilepsy and they were a huge support to me.