Epilepsy training

The importance of epilepsy training

If you are looking after someone with epilepsy, it is vital you are trained to know how to best support them and their condition.

It is especially important if you are supporting an individual who requires rescue or emergency medication.

Being fully informed about the different medications available, how they are prescribed and the side effects not only keeps the person with epilepsy safe but results in a level of confidence in the person administering the medication.

Epilepsy can be complex, and the administration of medication, for some with the condition is vital.

It is very important training provided meets the Epilepsy Specialist Nursing Association (ESNA) best practice guidelines.

For decades, Epilepsy Scotland has adhered to the best practice guidelines provided. The current ESNA guidelines can be found here.


Training from Epilepsy Scotland

As a national organisation representing those living in Scotland with epilepsy since 1954, we have amassed a vast amount of knowledge about how the condition can impact some people and how best to support them.

All training provided by Epilepsy Scotland has been approved by Epilepsy Specialist Nurses and is regularly reviewed and refreshed as required.

We provide training for individuals, family members or groups of professional care providers as well as employers.

We furnish them with the information to enable them to support someone safely should they have a seizure.

No two people experience epilepsy in the same way. There are many different seizure types, how they manifest themselves and how the person experiences them is different.

Our training explains the different seizure types, what to look for, explains and demonstrates the administration of medication.

We ensure those attending our training are as prepared as they possibly can be to support someone living with epilepsy in a variety of environments and situations.


Training in Aberdeen and Inverness

We are holding in person Understanding Epilepsy and Administration of Midazolam courses in Inverness and Aberdeen in August.

This is a full-day course where you will learn about the causes of epilepsy, types of epileptic seizures, first aid guidance for managing seizures and how to administer Midazolam, an emergency medication, plus much more.

On Wednesday 2 August we will be at the Station Hotel in Aberdeen and on Wednesday 9 August we will be at Highland Home Carers Ltd in Inverness.

If you are a carer, business or organisation who looks after or works with someone who has epilepsy, please book today.

For more information and to book, please go to www.epilepsyscotland.org.uk/training or email training@epilepsyscotland.org.uk