Tegretol update

We have received lots of enquiries from people having trouble getting their usual Tegretol prescription. Novartis, the manufacturer of Tegretol, have provided an update to explain that:

  • 200mg and 400mg Tegretol prolonged release tablets are in stock with them and going out to wholesalers.
  • 200mg and 400mg Tegretol standard release tablets are in stock as normal. 200mg standard release tablets have been in higher demand, but Novartis can meet this demand.

It can take time for stock to go out to wholesalers and then to pharmacies, even weeks in some cases so if you’re not able to get supply of your medicine you can try asking other pharmacies to see if they have supply or are able to quickly get supply.

If not you can suggest asking your pharmacist if they are able to contact Novartis directly on 08457419442 or customercare@novartis.com

If this is not possible and you still have problems getting your prescription, we recommend you speak to your Epilepsy Nurse or GP for further advice.