Epilepsy Scotland training

My experience of Epilepsy Scotland’s epilepsy training

Victor, a Healthcare Assistant at the Lin Group, shares his experiences of Epilepsy Scotland’s training course and how the training will help in his current role.


Why did you decide to take part in Epilepsy Scotland’s training course?

It was a mandatory training organised by the Lin Group for staff and I was excited at the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in epilepsy awareness.

Also, to gain more knowledge and skills in supporting individuals with epilepsy.


How did you find Epilepsy Scotland’s training course?

I have previously attended similar training in epilepsy awareness but, I have never come across a training like Epilepsy Scotland’s epilepsy awareness training.

The training was for me a six-month training, compressed and simplified into a day’s training.

The training style was very engaging, interactive, illustrative, and practical. Also, the training manual shared was very helpful and still a source of reference.

The trainer explained in simple and clear terms and answered every question that I asked.


How will the training help you in your current role?

It will certainly help me in providing support for individuals with epilepsy.

This has greatly given me the needed confidence and it is interesting to note that I have been putting to use the knowledge gained since the training.


What part of the training course did you find most useful?

Every part of the training was helpful. There was no boring, difficult to understand or uninteresting aspect of the training. Every aspect was interesting and educational.


What would you say to businesses and organisations who are thinking of taking part in Epilepsy Scotland awareness training?

Epilepsy Scotland awareness training is what all businesses and organisations must consider as a matter of priority if they desire to equip their staff with the knowledge required in epilepsy awareness.

If they want to build the confidence of their staff in the holistic knowledge of epilepsy, then, I advise that they engage the services of Epilepsy Scotland.

They simplify learning and encapsulate the training in easy to learn and interactive format.

To find out more about Epilepsy Scotland’s training courses, please click here. Or email training@epilepsyscotland.org.uk