How Epilepsy Scotland’s training helped me

Emma has recently qualified as a nurse and completed Epilepsy Scotland’s epilepsy training offered via her university course.

She shares how she found the training and how it helped her both professionally and personally.


Did you know much about epilepsy before undertaking Epilepsy Scotland’s training?

Before taking part in Epilepsy Scotland’s training, I did not know much about epilepsy and, like a lot of others, thought of epilepsy as only convulsive seizures!


How did you find the Epilepsy Scotland’s epilepsy training course?

The training provided by Epilepsy Scotland was great.

The trainers were friendly and went into a lot of detail about what epilepsy is, and different seizures people can experience and their symptoms with these seizures.

The training course also provided information regarding seizure first aid and administering medication.


How has the training helped you?

The training has given me essential knowledge that I can now carry into everyday life and into my work as a nurse.

I have since had experiences caring for those with epilepsy and the training has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to help.

During the training, we were learning about temporal lobe epilepsy and the different symptoms and sensations those with temporal lobe epilepsy may experience.

I began to realise that I experienced a lot of these and had been having these “episodes” for about 12 years but never knew what they were.

I decided to contact my doctor about this and after an MRI and EEG, was diagnosed with cavernoma related epilepsy!

Now I take focal aware seizures which are now controlled by medication.

The training has helped me both personally and professionally. If I hadn’t taken part in epilepsy training, I probably still wouldn’t know I had a cavernoma or epilepsy.


What part of the training course did you find most useful?

I think learning about different types of seizures and how they might present has been very useful.

I have since been able to identify a patient I was caring for who had a focal seizure and guided them to safety before it progressed into a tonic clonic seizure.

Understanding the lasting impact seizures can have on those affected is valuable as they can have more of an impact than what some might think.

The seizure first aid training was also very valuable and something I think everyone should know as someone could take a seizure in front of you anywhere and anytime, so understanding what to do and how you can help is crucial.


What would you say to businesses and organisations who are thinking of taking part in Epilepsy Scotland awareness training?

Do it! Being able to understand and support those with epilepsy is crucial in all areas of life as so many are affected.

You can make those with epilepsy lives easier by taking time to understand the condition and what you can do to support them.

To find out more about Epilepsy Scotland’s training courses, please click here. Or email training@epilepsyscotland.org.uk