Epilepsy Scotland are members of Epilepsy Consortium Scotland (ECS) and our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young is the Chair.

ECS is the Scottish national umbrella body for organisations and individuals concerned about epilepsy. It acts as a collective voice for the wider epilepsy community in Scotland. It informs the Scottish Government, MSPs and other policy makers about the issues facing people with epilepsy.

ECS aims to ensure people with epilepsy are able to rely on a consistent standard of clinical support and treatment throughout Scotland. ECS also aims to increase public awareness and understanding about epilepsy through activities including holding stands at the Scottish Parliament, getting involved in Epilepsy Awareness week, and hosting a Development and Learning day.

Epilepsy Scotland has a central role and provides the Secretariat to the Cross-Party Group on epilepsy on behalf of the ECS.

You can find out more information about ECS and our collective work here.

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