Epilepsy Scotland Chief Executive, Lesslie Young and Dr Greenshields

Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland named epilepsy ambassador

Epilepsy Scotland is delighted to announce that Dr Iain Greenshields has become an ambassador of the charity.

A widely-respected public figure, Dr Greenshields is minister of St Margaret’s Community Church in Dunfermline and recently served as the Moderator of the General Assembly from 2022 to 2023, representing the Church of Scotland at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and at the coronation of King Charles III. He is also chaplain at Cowdenbeath Football Club.

Epilepsy is a condition which Dr Greenshields has lived with for 65 years, having first been diagnosed at the age of six after developing nocturnal seizures.

The ambassador role will see the former Moderator represent the charity at meetings and events where required, take part in fundraising campaigns, and to be a voice for people living with epilepsy.

Upon taking up the role, Dr Greenshields said:

“I am very honoured to be an ambassador for Epilepsy Scotland. I want to be a positive advocate for people living with epilepsy and to be available to meet with anyone who wants to talk about or be informed about the condition.

“I will be at the service of Epilepsy Scotland and will support fundraising efforts and seek to highlight the need for the wider public to understand epilepsy and for people living with the condition to feel understood.

“Epilepsy is more than seizures – I know that because I was diagnosed with depression at 11 so understand the issues that sit alongside epilepsy, not least the barriers I faced seeking employment.

“I want to see the employment opportunities for those living with epilepsy become as good as they can possibly be.

“A phone conversation I once had many years ago has stuck with me, when I was referred to as “the epileptic gentleman”, where I had to correct them and say, “no, I am a gentleman who lives with epilepsy”.

“I said that I didn’t want to be put into a box by another person because of my epilepsy – I should not be determined by my condition, I should instead be determined as a human being. I always say, as a Christian, that I am made in the image of God and that determines who I am.”

Lesslie Young, Chief Executive of Epilepsy Scotland, added:

“We are very pleased to appoint Dr Iain Greenshields to this voluntary position as an ambassador of Epilepsy Scotland.

“Dr Greenshields has an abundance of experience, skills and connections which will be extremely beneficial in highlighting the work of the charity and the condition, as well as promoting fundraising opportunities.

“And, importantly, he has the lived experience of epilepsy and, since being diagnosed as a young child, has overcome immense barriers in his life, which makes him a strong advocate for others living with the condition.

“He will compliment the work of our two student ambassadors, Chloe and Freya, in continuing to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people living with epilepsy and how the work of Epilepsy Scotland can make a real difference.”