Celebrating the launch of our new #StudentSeptember campaign

We are thrilled be launching this year’s #StudentSeptember Campaign. Throughout the month of September, we will be campaigning to increase awareness of epilepsy in further and higher education.


Our Student Campaign

We are campaigning to ensure there is dedicated support available for students with epilepsy during their time in college or university and to increase awareness of epilepsy amongst all students.

Whether someone chooses to follow a path to college or university straight from high school, or they pursue these studies later in life, it can be a difficult transition.

Managing epilepsy alongside the challenges that can come with further or higher education can be tricky but having epilepsy does not mean you can’t achieve your educational aspirations.

We want all people with epilepsy to feel supported during their time as a student and are therefore dedicating this September to students.


“Epilepsy should not limit your aspirations”– A Queen Margaret University Graduate with epilepsy


Our work over the last year

Following the success of our first ever #StudentSeptember campaign in 2021, we used the momentum to keep working to better things for students with epilepsy.

We have continued to reach out to universities and started contacting colleges to promote our student resources and increase knowledge of the condition.

Two student newspapers covered our campaign, helping increase awareness of epilepsy with a wide audience of students across Scotland.

Thank you to Glasgow Caledonian’s ‘The Edit’ and the University of Aberdeen’s ‘The Guadie’.

Our first ever University Ambassador, Orla, graduated and we wish her luck in the next steps of her career.

In turn, we were delighted to welcome our new Student Ambassador to the team, Chloe.

Chloe is studying psychology at Queen Margaret University and is passionate about increasing awareness and support for other students with epilepsy, having epilepsy herself.



We have created an exciting program of content for this year’s #StudentSeptember campaign.

Over the next month we will be:

  • Sharing the stories of students with epilepsy
  • Sharing information and resources for students with epilepsy
  • Launching a #StudentSeptember podcast series
  • Sharing blogs exploring topics including learning, mental health, and epilepsy

You will be able to find all of this on Epilepsy Scotland’s social media channels and on our website throughout September. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of great content!