Governance of Epilepsy Scotland

Our board of directors has ten members. Their role is to work with and provide support to our Chief Executive. They all have a keen interest in epilepsy and are on hand to offer a wide range of skills and experience to Epilepsy Scotland.

Our board members bring a variety of skills and lots of experience to governing the organisation, from neurologists, accountants, human resources, Police Scotland and more.

The board of directors regularly meet with the Chief Executive. At these meetings, they are kept up to date with the work of Epilepsy Scotland. They also use their expertise to help govern the organisation. The board of directors help to maintain a high quality of work and take the lead in approving innovative new services. Their advice and support also extends to members of staff. For example, they regularly review and comment on draft information guides.

Kevin Roger


Kirsty Lynch


Dr Richard Roberts

Dr Susan Duncan

Helen Carmichael

Celia Brand

Ross Bennett