2021 Election Campaign – How can you get involved?

Our Scottish Parliament Manifesto makes six asks of the next Scottish Government and elected MSPs. Our Policy Assistant, Anna Telfer, explains how you can get involved.

In February we launched our manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election. Our manifesto outlines six core asks of the next Scottish Government and elected MSPs. You can read our full manifesto here.

The 2021 Scottish Parliament election will determine who will govern the Scottish Government for the next five years.

During that time, the elected Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) will have the power to shape the lives of people living in Scotland by deciding on policy and spending.

Elections offer an opportunity for people to have their voices heard and influence who will be elected.

We are using the 2021 Scottish Parliament election to campaign for better policy to improve the lives of people with epilepsy in Scotland.

It is important that people get involved with our campaign and help us to champion epilepsy.


There are many ways you can champion epilepsy in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election



Lobbying is the act of seeking to influence someone on an issue. Lobbying is a great way to have your voice heard and its easier than you might think. You can:

  • Email our manifesto to the political party you support. Ask them to support epilepsy in their 2021 manifesto.
  • Email your current MSP our manifesto and ask them to support our asks.
  • Contact your local 2021 election candidates and ask them to commit to championing epilepsy if elected. You can do this in various ways: email, phone, face to face, or even on social media. You can find your local candidates here.

Some top tips for effective lobbying

  • Keep it brief.
  • Keep it specific. Make sure you state what you want – do you want your MSP or candidates to support epilepsy in general, or are you particularly interested in specific asks?
  • Some people might want to include a personal story in relation to epilepsy.


Share our posts and asks. By sharing with your friends and families, you can help to raise the profile of epilepsy. On social media, remember to use the hashtag #Epilepsy2021


Vote for the candidates and party who best represent you, your needs and your values.

In the last Scottish Parliament election, only 56% of eligible voters exercised their right to vote.

Political engagement is vital to have your voice heard and encourage change for the better. The more people that vote, the more representative the Scottish Parliament will be.

If you need further support or have any questions about lobbying your local candidates, get in touch with our policy team. ATelfer@epilepsyscotland.org.uk

Together, we can make Scotland a better place to live for people with epilepsy.