seizure triggers

12 most common seizure triggers

  Our Helpline & Information Officer, Uschi Stickroth looks at 12 common seizure triggers and how you can help control them.


Epilepsy and methadone

  The last policy blog post focussed on a new epilepsy register. It is currently being piloted in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Tayside. Epilepsy Scotland is very supportive of this register. We believe it will improve knowledge about epilepsy and drive better standards of care.

Epilepsy Friendly Award

Make your business Epilepsy Friendly

  Nicola Milne, Training Manager at Epilepsy Scotland looks at how our Epilepsy Friendly Award helps educate businesses and their employees to be more aware of epilepsy.

Complementary therapies and epilepsy

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at how complementary therapies in conjuction with anti-epileptic medication can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.


What to expect when you’re not expecting

  Heather Morrow experienced constant feelings of self-doubt and felt that due to living with epilepsy, it would make her a bad mother. However, thanks to Epilepsy Scotland’s Wellbeing Service, Heather is now confident and looking forward to one day becoming a parent. Below she shares her experiences.

Talk Epilepsy

My experience of living with epilepsy for 32 years

  It has been great that people are sharing their experiences of living with epilepsy to help raise more awareness of the condition. This month, Andrew who has been living with epilepsy for 32 years, shares his epilepsy story.

Epilepsy and the justice system

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young explains the work Epilepsy Scotland is doing to help people working in the justice system understand epilepsy. Also, it’s impact and how some behaviour can be easily misinterpreted.   


Trustees Week: Why I became a trustee

  This week is Trustees’ Week and we felt it was a great opportunity to get to know our trustees and also why they joined Epilepsy Scotland. Below Kevin Roger who is the new chairperson of our board explains why he joined as a trustee.

Trustees week

Trustees Week: Why I became a trustee

  This week is Trustees’ Week and we are sharing some stories of why our trustees joined Epilepsy Scotland. Below Lesley Carruthers shares her trustee story.  


Identifying depression in young people

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at how being diagnosed with epilepsy can affect self-esteem for many children and how parents can identify signs of depression.


Brexit update – Supply of medicines

  Epilepsy Scotland, along with several other charities, met with the Scottish Government’s Principal Pharmaceutical Officer and Head of Medicines Policy earlier this year. This was to discuss the continued supply of medicines in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Epilepsy Scotland

65 years of Epilepsy Scotland

  We are celebrating our 65th anniversary next month and our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young looks at 65 years of Epilepsy Scotland.

Talk Epilepsy

My experience of living with photosensitive epilepsy

  We are looking for people to share their experiences of living with epilepsy and get people talking about epilepsy to help fight the stigma attached to the condition. This month, Jenni who has photosensitive epilepsy, describes her experiences and how she had her first seizure whilst on a plane going to Australia.

National Conference

Epilepsy Scotland’s National Conference

  Following the success of our last conference in Edinburgh, we have decided to host an event in Glasgow, Saturday 2 November. The conference will focus on individualised methods to treating and managing epilepsy.

Artist Helen Butler shares her experiences of epilepsy

  Artist Helen Butler will be exhibiting at Lifeworks19 art for Epilepsy Scotland exhibition next month. Here Helen shares her experience of being diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age and why she started to take up art.


How to reduce stress and anxiety

  Bruce Shiell, Wellbeing Worker at Epilepsy Scotland looks at ways to reduce stress and anxiety, which for some people may be a seizure trigger.


Raising awareness of SUDEP – Alana’s story

  Hayley McGurk was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just nine years old after having her first seizure in primary school. Unfortunately, when Hayley was 20 years old her seizures got worse and sadly, she passed away due to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) in 2015.

Teachers guide

Introducing our teachers guide

  Uschi Stickroth, Helpline & Information Officer, at Epilepsy Scotland provides information on what to expect from our new teachers guide and how it can help teachers look after children living with epilepsy.

Talk Epilepsy

My experience of living with epilepsy

  We are looking to encourage people to start talking about epilepsy and share their experiences. Each month, we will be sharing these on our website and on social media. This month, Shona shares her experiences of being diagnosed at a young age and how epilepsy has affected her.  

Buccal Midazolam

New guidelines for Buccal Midazolam

  The Epilepsy Nurses Association (ESNA) has launched new best practice training guidelines for the administration of Buccal Midazolam for epilepsy patients.

Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad living with epilepsy

  Stuart Macgee, Helpline & Information Officer at Epilepsy Scotland provides a few things people living with epilepsy should consider when travelling abroad.

Mental health for children living with epilepsy

  Last week, we discussed the problem of mental health in children who have epilepsy. We noted the significantly higher rates of mental health problems in children with epilepsy and how it is currently under diagnosed and not recognised. NHS Lothian has developed and piloted an effective screening method.

Mental Health

The Scottish Budget – Mental Health

  In December 2018, the Scottish Budget was announced. This decided Scottish Government spending for 2019/2020. We noticed that in the budget mental health received a significant amount of attention – something which we fully support.

Epilepsy Scotland

Exciting times for Epilepsy Scotland

  Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young shares some of the exciting advances, achievements and developments within Epilepsy Scotland so far this year.

Staying safe with epilepsy

Staying safe with epilepsy guide

  Uschi Stickroth, Helpline & Information Officer at Epilepsy Scotland explains how our revised Staying safe with epilepsy guide can help identify and minimise possible risks.

Kimberley Burns

Volunteer Focus: Kimberley Burns

  Kimberley Burns has been volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland for the past couple of months and has been involved in helping out with collections and events. This week is National Volunteers Week and below Kimberley explains why she got involved with Epilepsy Scotland and why others should think about volunteering as well.

Neurological Action Plan

First Neurological Action Plan developed

  The Scottish Government have developed the first Neurological Action Plan. This is a significant step forward in improving how people with neurological conditions are cared for. Also, after consulting people with neurological conditions, clinicians and third sector organisations, the Government came up with five aims and seventeen commitments.

Studying abroad

My experience of studying abroad with epilepsy

  Our #TalkEpilepsy campaign aims to encourage people living with epilepsy to share their experiences. University student, Milo Trainor Moss shares his experiences of studying abroad with epilepsy and having seizures while travelling overseas.

Tom Davies

Tom Davies shares his epilepsy story

  As part of our #TalkEpilepsy campaign we are encouraging people living with epilepsy to share their experiences to help fight the stigma and show that epilepsy is more than just seizures. Long-time supporter of Epilepsy Scotland, Tom Davies shares his experiences of being diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 15 years old.  

Talk Epilepsy

Lets Talk Epilepsy

  We are launching a national campaign during National Epilepsy Week, which aims to highlight the dangers of having a seizure and encourage the general public to learn basic first aid tips to help people with epilepsy.

Welfare Rights

Benefits system for people living with epilepsy podcast

Epilepsy Scotland’s first ever podcast focuses on the most frequently asked questions that come through our Helpline & Information service regarding the benefits system for people living with epilepsy. One of our Welfare Rights Officers, Tracey Millar answers questions regarding Personal Independence Payment and Employment Support Allowance and much more.