100 Mile Challenge logo

The challenge involves covering 100 miles over the full month and you can do this by running, walking, cycling, swimming or even a combination!

You keep track of how many miles you cover each week and then at the end of the month let us know when you have crossed the virtual finish line!

We will send out a t-shirt for you to wear and support you with your fundraising! We also have training guides available if anyone is looking to start or improve their running throughout the month.

This challenge is way better fun in a group since you can encourage each other to get out when the weather might be a bit on the chilly side so why not ask family, friends or work colleagues to join you and start a walking group!

Get in touch today for more information by emailing fundraising@epilepsyscotland.org.uk

*Epilepsy Scotland asks that supporters get the correct medical advice before signing up to any of our challenge events, please do not take part in any of these if you think it could be unsafe for you.