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MSPs wave their support for epilepsy

Added: 28 July 2011, 14:48

MSPs wave their support for epilepsy

Today scores of MSPs will waive their support for epilepsy awareness in a photo call in the garden lobby after First Minister’s Question Time.

Politicians from all parts of Scotland will have 700 hundred constituents who live with epilepsy. They will show off a handy new reference guide, prepared by the Joint Epilepsy Council with Epilepsy Scotland. This document helps the politicians find the latest information and support for local families.

Chief Executive Lesslie Young said: “It’s important to be epilepsy aware because epilepsy affects people of all ages and is far more common than people think. This information tool makes it easier for politicians to help those living with the condition. It provides them with basic facts as well as details of useful helplines like ours at Epilepsy Scotland and agencies which can assist with common queries about healthcare, education, driving and benefits.

“MSPs are busy people so this brief guide will signpost them to organisations that can provide further help as quickly as possible. Over 40,000 people in Scotland live with this long term and sometimes difficult to manage condition. Coping in the best of times can be a challenge but the recession is presenting additional stress particularly for those whose essential services are being reduced or withdrawn unexpectedly. Meantime demands on voluntary organisations like ours are increasing while vital funding is being squeezed from every direction. In many cases voluntary organisations are the only support or voice a person with epilepsy has to represent them or help them to make an informed choice. We hope policy makers and politicians will realise the wellbeing of some of their most vulnerable constituents is at risk and will act swiftly to ensure this situation is addressed.”