Why I volunteer for Epilepsy Scotland: Jack’s story

On Volunteers Week (3-9 June), Jack shares his experiences of volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland.

I started by volunteering with the youth group as I have worked with one of the youth group workers.

I think that youth groups are invaluable to social development. I personally also have a close connection with epilepsy. My close friend has epilepsy, so part of my decision to take part was to have a better understanding of epilepsy and how to effectively respond to seizures from the training that was offered.

I can see, because of my friend, that social support and an environment to form connections with other young people with epilepsy is very important to developing into young adults that have an understanding of their condition.

My volunteering has involved trips with the social group mostly like going bowling, going to the zoo, escape rooms and I have also been there to help at the residential which contains activities like canoeing, climbing etc.

I have also helped at the weekly social group where we have had drum workshops, fires, and board game nights.

I think the residential weekends have both been the most rewarding and challenging experience with volunteering.

Seeing the young people develop social independence and helping gently push the young people beyond their comfort zone is highly rewarding.

I have gained the skills and knowledge to safely handle seizures. I have also developed my skills and knowledge of how to work with young people so that they have positive development.

It is a highly rewarding experience that I highly valuable to the people you are supporting.