Kimberley Burns

Volunteer Focus: Kimberley Burns


Kimberley Burns has been volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland for the past couple of months and has been involved in helping out with collections and events.

This week is National Volunteers Week and below Kimberley explains why she got involved with Epilepsy Scotland and why others should think about volunteering as well.


How did you get involved with Epilepsy Scotland?

My boyfriend Grant has epilepsy so we had been in contact with Epilepsy Scotland. They provided lots of information and an awareness card that he carries around.

Also, I follow Epilepsy Scotland on social media and decided I wanted to do some fundraising so took part in the zipslide last year.

I’ve held a dress down day and bake sale at my work for purple day. At the start of the year, I saw a post about volunteering and knew straight away that I was interested and wanted to help.


Can you give some examples of what your volunteering has involved?

Lots of things! For example, I’ve helped to count cash from collections and taken part in collections as well. I’ve also helped to set up events and gather prizes for them. Furthermore, I’ve organised files and merchandise, helped with stock checks and probably lots of other things!


What do you think you’ve gained from volunteering with Epilepsy Scotland?

A sense of pride that I am able to give something back. Especially, feel it’s a good way of saying thank you for the information and support that’s been given to us for free.

Also, I feel proud to tell people that I volunteer for Epilepsy Scotland in my spare time.


What would you say to anybody thinking about volunteering for Epilepsy Scotland?

Definitely sign up, do it! For example, an hour a week adds up and helps!  All I can say is GO FOR IT!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events and collections.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email or call 0141 427 4911.