Trustees Week: Why I became a trustee


This week is Trustees’ Week and we felt it was a great opportunity to get to know our trustees and also why they joined Epilepsy Scotland. Below Kevin Roger who is the new chairperson of our board explains why he joined as a trustee.

Why did you join Epilepsy Scotland as a trustee?

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago as a young adult. When I saw how little information was out there and the problems in getting the right support, especially with welfare rights, I wanted to help.


What is your background in terms of skills and experience?

Senior management experience going back the last 20 years and have run many successful programs of work.


What are the main responsibilities of being a trustee?

Helping to set the strategy and direction of the charity whilst keeping in line with the regulators and providing a sounding board for Lesslie and the senior management team.


How do you make sure you are being effective/doing a good job both individually and as a board?

The current board has strong characters from a mix of backgrounds, so self regulates and ensures we make the best decisions for the organisation.


What’s been the best thing about being a trustee so far?

Feeling that I am making a difference.


What’s the hardest thing been?

Restructuring the organisation as we moved away from services.


What would you say to anyone who was looking to become a trustee?

Come and join us.