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Epilepsy and the Law DVD

This training DVD is aimed at all professionals working in the law sector.

Made by Epilepsy Scotland, in partnership with Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) this DVD clearly explains the issues for people with epilepsy including examples of post-seizure behaviour commonly mistaken for drunk or disorderly conduct. Features interviews with key experts and reconstructed examples with professional actors.

This DVD is invaluable CPD for police, lawyers and any professional who regularly comes into contact with people who may be wrongly thought to be drunk and disorderly – but may actually be having a seizure or in a post-seizure state. We know for a fact that this training material has to date kept two individuals out of jail – both wrongly accused of unlawful behaviour that was actually linked to seizure activity.

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                                       First Aid Pods

As the only current UK distributor we are proud to present the first aid pod. Designed to provide privacy, medical guidance and shelter in an instant, they are ideal for medical occurrences.

The pod is floorless allowing it to be easily and quickly popped up around the patient to give immediate privacy.

Life support procedures are printed on the inside of the pod meaning even those without first aid training have easy to follow guidance.

The pod provides shelter from the elements as it is water and UV resistant and its bright colour allows it to be easily recognised by first aid responders or emergency services.

Each pod is reusable and comes with a survival blanket, a CPR mouthpiece and ground pegs for securing the pod in outside conditions.

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