Epilepsy friendly award - Epilepsy Scotland

Having a seizure can sometimes render a person unconscious, often with no warning, and as a result people with epilepsy can become anxious about accessing their local community, businesses and services for fear of collapsing in public or suffering an injury. The condition is often misunderstood and can cause a person to behave in unusual ways.

Our Epilepsy Friendly Award (EFA) recognises businesses that have made adjustments to ensure that they are as accessible to people with epilepsy and have trained their staff to respond appropriately to seizures. The award demonstrates an ability and willingness to help people with epilepsy, should they require it.

The criteria for achieving the award are simple. We can also offer training and advice to help you meet the criteria:

  • Train staff to recognise epilepsy and respond appropriately if they witness a seizure
  • Make reasonable adjustments to your working environment
  • Offer customer information on site and online to help people access your business
  • Promote awareness of epilepsy
  • Encourage customer feedback

We want to make sure that people with epilepsy can access businesses and services confidently and safely. Making your premises accessible does not mean making large or expensive changes; small inexpensive adjustments can make a world of difference to a person with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Friendly organisations


Celtic Football Club

Bonnyrigg Primary School

Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)

Milton Keynes Primary PRU

Specsavers Trongate

The Clutha Bar

The Hug and Pint

West Lothian College

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Scottish Crime Campus, Gartcosh

‘Sometimes I get so confused, when I’m having a series of small seizures. I can just stand in an aisle unsure of what’s going on. People misjudge me, thinking I’m up to no good. If staff recognised I’m struggling and give me a space to sit down quietly, that would be so incredible.’

If you’d like to join organisations like Specsavers Trongate, M&S Stirling and more by making your business Epilepsy Friendly then please get in touch with Nicola Milne by emailing NMilne@epilepsyscotland.org.uk or call 0141 427 4911.

We were delighted to award Specsavers Glasgow Trongate the Epilepsy Friendly Award in Spring 2017.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Specsavers Glasgow Trongate are very proud to have been awarded with the Epilepsy Friendly Award for their store. Nicola and the team at Epilepsy Scotland have been very supportive in helping us to achieve this award by offering training on epilepsy for our staff, this allowed us to understand the condition and how to respond appropriately should they witness a seizure.

The staff were also very keen on looking at our store and have made some reasonable adjustments to support staff and customers who visit our store who may require assistance.

We found the training and support provided by Epilepsy Scotland very engaging and informative and were extremely keen to support awareness of epilepsy by holding a fundraising day instore.”