Membership sticky note

The importance of membership

Lesslie Young, Chief Executive at Epilepsy Scotland looks at the importance of membership for charities and how your voice can help influence decisions. 

All services at Epilepsy Scotland adhere to a person-centred methodology, meaning the work is tailored to the individual and delivered depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Our membership cohort consists of people who may or may not access our services but who have a connection to epilepsy and want to help shape the work we do.

Members are incredibly important to us as some will have direct lived experience of epilepsy whilst others will have a close but indirect experience.

All this provides an insight to help understand what people with epilepsy really need in terms of support and to inform our decision-making.


Membership is more than a donation

Membership is so much more than a small annual donation.

Being a member means you can have that influence, inform decisions about the charity, help raise awareness of epilepsy issues in Scotland and ensure the collective voice is heard.

Your experiences and opinions are key to our effectiveness as a charity. It helps us carry more weight to influence decisions that impact the lives of people living with epilepsy.

In addition, membership gives you voting rights at our annual general meeting.

We know anyone can acquire epilepsy at any time. Around 56,000 people in Scotland have the diagnosis of epilepsy. Also, we know we need a stronger voice to maintain the services we already provide and improve other services across Scotland.

Your membership could make a difference to the service or support offered to a child, mother, father, husband, or wife.

Please become a member of Epilepsy Scotland to make your voice heard and help make a significant difference to a considerable number of people.

Click on the links below to sign up and become a member today! Remember to ‘opt in’ to get news from us.

Your membership fee is used to support Epilepsy Scotland’s vital services.