Thank you to our amazing volunteers


Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young highlights the importance of our amazing volunteers who make a huge difference in so many areas of Epilepsy Scotland’s work.

This week has been notable for several reasons. This week, week number of ten of lockdown, saw the implementation of Phase One of the easing of lockdown in Scotland.

I very much hope those who were able to, met with friends and family, observing the recommended safe physical distance.

My term of preference is physical distance as socially distancing is an obvious misnomer. It is anything but social. However, whatever it is called, it is necessary at the moment.

The pandemic and how we had to respond to it has highlighted the importance of people and meaningful relationships in all our lives, personal, professional and in our workplaces. That certainly holds true for Epilepsy Scotland.

We could not do what we do for the people we support and represent without people; all the people we employ and of course people like you, our volunteers.

This week, we celebrated Volunteers Week and took the opportunity to thank our many loyal and dedicated volunteers.

Without our valued team of volunteers so many things would take much longer to do and would not be as successful.

Our amazing team of volunteers brings a richness to Epilepsy Scotland and makes a huge difference in so many areas of our work.


Buddy volunteers

Watching our buddy volunteers flourish in their new roles in our adult Wellbeing group, based in Glasgow, has given me great pleasure.

These very volunteers have been part of the Wellbeing group themselves. They have overcome a lot of challenges, developed a greater self-confidence, improved their mood with the hope of seeing an improvement in their seizure activity.


Having gained so much from the group, they each felt they wanted to give something back, contribute their time and to share their own personal experience to help someone facing similar challenges.

Similarly, a young man from our Youth Group has begun supporting our Youth Development Workers; to be there for younger people with epilepsy. This young man shares his own experience and insights to help make what is a challenging time for these young people a little easier.


Fundraising volunteers

And so, to our invaluable fundraising volunteers. They ensure we have a presence in numerous places on the same day, in the same week and to interact with more donors, raising even more money.

Without them, and their incredible gift of time, we would find it almost impossible to do what we do.

This week, we highlighted volunteers who so loyally supported our face to face collections in supermarkets, train stations and public thoroughfares no matter what the Scottish weather threw at them.


We acknowledged our volunteers who help in the office and those who help to run our events. All of which has temporarily ceased during COVID19.

However, we very quickly enabled donations to be made virtually so we can continue all the essential services we are still providing.

Despite the current situation, the dedication, loyalty and determination of our team of volunteers has never waned.

They are simply changing their approach, helping in other ways by signing up to future challenges, promoting our online events or holding their own raffles online and so much more.

Then of course there are our loyal social media followers who consistently like and share our posts and stories, helping to raise awareness and reach new audiences.

People have always been at the heart of Epilepsy Scotland, what we do, how we do it and now is no different.

I want every single person who supports Epilepsy Scotland to know, you are and what you do, is invaluable. Without you and your generosity we could not do what we do.

I close simply by saying thank you to you all. You make a huge difference.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please email Linzi Donald at or call 0141 427 4911.