Gemma Fleet - Fundraising Manager

Gemma Fleet

5 interesting facts…

The best thing about working at Epilepsy Scotland is that I can see first-hand where the money raised goes and meet some of the inspiring and creative people who come to our Glasgow headquarters.

When I was younger I wanted to be an animal rights activist, freeing animals from labs in the middle of the night, but because this was illegal did the next best thing and got involved in fundraising for animal charities, selling home-made jewellery or cards or pestering family members to sponsor me.

At Epilepsy Scotland, I’m known for having the same thing for my lunch pretty much every day.

You would never believe me if I told you but my hair went grey when I was 15.

If I could take three things on a desert island, they would be a satellite phone, some good quality strong teabags and a supply of Morton’s crispy rolls.