Workshop overview

We have been visiting schools across the country to raise awareness of epilepsy with children of all ages. Teaching children and young people about epilepsy can help normalise the condition.  This can help reduce feelings of stigma and isolation.

The talks are fun and interactive and aim to give children:

  • a better awareness of epilepsy
  • some skills to deal with seizures
  • an understanding of the impact of epilepsy on a child’s life and lifestyle
  • an open and supportive attitude towards anyone with the condition

The workshops are age-relevant, from P1 to S2. Children enjoy these workshops and they involve story-telling, games and quizzes.

Delivery and fees

This workshop is delivered free of charge:

  • Live Online
  • Face to face

To book

If you are a teacher, or a parent of a child with epilepsy, and want to organise such a talk for your child’s school, feel free to get in touch with our youth worker, Kirstyn at