Grant and Kim

Remarkable Volunteer Reaches Fundraising Milestone for Epilepsy Charity

A volunteer fundraiser from Glasgow has now raised over £20,000 for the charity Epilepsy Scotland in just over five years of fundraising activities and events.

Kimberley Burns reached her impressive milestone after raising over £2,200 at the latest Glasgow Kiltwalk, where she and her mum walked over 22.6 miles for the charity.

They joined thousands of others at Scotland’s largest mass participation walking event and despite enduring blisters and muscle pains Kimberley managed to cross the finish line in good spirits and secure the funding for the charity.

Kimberley’s amazing fundraising story began in 2018 when she took part in her first fundraising activity for Epilepsy Scotland, a zip slide across the river Clyde.

Since then, she has participated in and organised several fundraising activities including dog jogs, fire walks, charity football matches, and bake sales.

In fact, her charity baking led her to starting her own little cake business, which she uses to help raise awareness and money for her fundraising events.


Inspiration for fundraising

Kimberley was inspired to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland due to her partner, Grant.

Grant was diagnosed with Epilepsy around 9 years ago which was very sudden and out of the blue. He was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) which really was life-changing.

Losing his driving licence and years of trying to find the right combinations of medications to keep him seizure-free also now includes a strict routine that involves regular medication at 4am and 4pm everyday. Grant is now seizure-free and has been for over 6 years.

Over the years, Grant and Kimberley reached out to Epilepsy Scotland, where they received many helpful pieces of information and advice from staff, their booklets and website which really did educate them and the people around them to the medical condition.

It is due to this support that Kimberley has chosen the charity for her wonderful fundraising efforts.

Kimberley says, “Since I have known Grant I would say he is an inspiration to anyone living with epilepsy, he has never once let it get the better of him.

“I was so inspired by Grant I realised I had to use my voice and action to advocate for people who have epilepsy, or people caring for someone who has epilepsy.

“I am totally buzzing I have reached the milestone of raising over £20,000 for such a great charity and helping to raise awareness of the condition along the way.

“I thank everyone who has donated to my fundraising efforts, and I look forward to my next fundraising challenge!”

Jane Roberts, Fundraising Manager at Epilepsy Scotland, says, “What Kimberley has achieved over the last few years is extraordinary.

“Her dedication, enthusiasm and infectious smile always brings joy to the office when she visits.

“I want to thank her deeply, on behalf of everyone at Epilepsy Scotland, for tirelessly fundraising and advocating on behalf of the charity. She truly is a gem and should be immensely proud.”