Quality training leads to quality outcomes

Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young, looks at the importance of quality training and why epilepsy training matters.

We all rely on training. But more than that we are all impacted by the quality of the training we rely upon. This is especially true in health and social care.

When we, any member of our family or a friend requires care, we place them in the hands of those we trust have been well trained.

That care may be short or long term, it may be in a hospital setting or a care home, it could be in the community.

Whilst the training may be different by necessity, it should always be the best to ensure the best outcome for the person who needs it.

Understandably, accessing training over the past two years has meant changes in delivery, changes in assessments and possibly a reduction in the amount of training requested as during challenging times training and development can fall by the wayside.

Now we need to press the reset button.


Training from Epilepsy Scotland

As the national organisation representing those living in Scotland with epilepsy since 1954, we have amassed a vast amount of knowledge about how the condition can impact some people and how best to support them.

All training provided by Epilepsy Scotland has been approved by Epilepsy Specialist Nurses and is regularly reviewed and refreshed as required.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service from note of interest, provision of training which suits the needs of the client, and follow-up. Our client feedback is consistently excellent.

We provide training for individuals, family members or groups of professional care providers as well as employers. We furnish them with the information to enable them to support someone safely should they have a seizure.

No two people experience epilepsy in the same way. There are many different seizure types, how they manifest themselves and how the person experiences them is different.

Our training explains the different seizure types, what to look for, explains and demonstrates the administration of medication.

We ensure those attending our training are as prepared as they possibly can be to support someone living with epilepsy in a variety of environments and situations.


Why does epilepsy training matter?

If you are looking after someone with epilepsy, it is vital you are trained to know how to best support them and their condition.

It is especially important if you are supporting an individual who requires rescue or emergency medication.

Being fully informed about the different medications available, how they are prescribed, the side effects not only keeps the person with epilepsy safe but results in a level of confidence in the person administering the medication.

Epilepsy can be complex, and the administration of medication, for some with the condition is vital. It is very important training provided meets the Epilepsy Specialist Nursing Association (ESNA) best practice guidelines.

For decades, Epilepsy Scotland has adhered to the best practice guidelines provided. The current ESNA guidelines can be found here.


How do I access epilepsy training?

Epilepsy Scotland is the go-to epilepsy training provider in Scotland. We train individuals, families and professionals.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our training meets the ESNA guidelines and we are members of the Association of Healthcare Trainers. Our courses are in the process of being Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approved.

We offer a half day Understanding Epilepsy course and a full day Understanding Epilepsy and Administration of Midazolam course. These can be delivered in person or online, as well as tailored courses to suit your individual needs.

Find out more information on our website or email