Graham Loan Epilepsy Scotland trustee

Meet our Trustees: Graham Loan

Over the next few months, we will be helping you get to know our trustees. Today, Graham Loan explains why he joined Epilepsy Scotland as a trustee and what he hopes to bring to Epilepsy Scotland.


Why did you join Epilepsy Scotland as a trustee?

After being diagnosed with epilepsy in 2017, I used a range of Epilepsy Scotland services such as the helpline and wellbeing service. I wanted to repay them for their assistance, going beyond the fundraising I’d completed, by offering my time and experience.


What particularly interests you about Epilepsy Scotland?

The dedication and passion shown by staff and volunteers to support those living with epilepsy.


What is your background in terms of skills and experience?

I have 20 years of experience in the UK utilities sector having started my career as an apprentice gas engineer.

Since then, I’ve held various roles covering operations management, project delivery, business change, and regulation. I’ve also held the role of treasurer for a small gas industry charity.


What are the main responsibilities of being a trustee?

To ensure the charity works to achieve its purpose of improving the lives of people with epilepsy and increase awareness of the condition through education and training.


What is the trustees’ role in relation to the Chief Executive?

To act as a critical friend that provides effective challenge and constructive feedback in a way that ensures all decisions put the needs of the beneficiaries first.


What are the advantages of having a trustee board made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds with different skills and experience?

A diverse board contains a broader mix of skills, knowledge, and experience which should give it greater flexibility to overcome challenges.

I think that’s been demonstrated by the amazing response of Epilepsy Scotland to maintain services throughout lockdown and developing new ways to supporting people.

No one person can have all the answers, so the board values its diversity of experience and thinking.


What do you hope to bring to Epilepsy Scotland?

I’m looking to use my experience of living and working with epilepsy to continue the excellent stewardship of the charity for the benefit of other service users for many years to come.