Loch Ness Monster rally

Loch Ness Monster rally challenge

What’s that coming over the hill….is it a monster???!

We are very excited to tell you all about this very interesting challenge the Bannerman family are taking part in this weekend!

The ‘Inverness or Bust’ Loch Ness Monster rally starts in York on Friday 24 September and finishes in Inverness on Sunday.

The 500+ miles has no set routes, speed, or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line.

Rather, it’s about fun challenges, adventure, camaraderie, fancy dress, and accomplishing something unique in a banger of a car.

The lads are driving a Toyota Celica over the weekend featuring our Epilepsy Scotland stickers on the doors. This is a great event to help raise funds, awareness and also have a great adventure.

The reason the family chose to sign up was to support their son/brother who has epilepsy. Marc has always had a passion for cars and hopes to be seizure-free and able to drive one day.

If you would like to show your support to the Bannerman family, please go to their fundraising page by clicking here.

We love it when supporters get in touch to let us know about unique and fun challenges. If you have something in mind you would like to chat about, please get in touch today at fundraising@epilepsyscotland.org.uk

Good luck to the Bannerman family, we can’t wait to hear how you get on. Take lots of photos!