Course overview

This course is designed for people living with epilepsy, their family and immediate friends. We want to give people a safe space to share some of their experiences with the condition, and an opportunity to ask questions in order to learn more about managing seizures.

The following topics are suggestions only. The discussion will be led by the group interests of the group, in an informal manner:

  • understanding seizures and seizure thresholds
  • seizure classification
  • differential diagnosis and why there can be delays
  • common seizure triggers
  • the importance of record keeping
  • risk management and SUDEP
  • techniques to improve wellbeing
  • signposting to support and other services

Engaging in the discussions is encouraged but completely optional.

This course is free to attend provided you have a diagnosis of epilepsy (or are in the process of being diagnosed), are related to someone with epilepsy, or are a close friend who would like to be able to better support a person with epilepsy.

Paid carers should attend our certified Understanding epilepsy course.

Delivery and fees

This course is delivered:

  • Live Online (free)


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