Lifeworks21: Art for Epilepsy Scotland

We are incredibly grateful to former trustee, acclaimed artist and sculptor, Lesley Carruthers who from 13 March 2021 is donating 100% sales income from artworks to Epilepsy Scotland.

Lesley’s approach is largely instinctive. She describes the creative process both unpredictable and unfathomable, yet at the same time hugely inspirational. “Working in abstract allows me to communicate in a different way, without words”.

For Lesley, the COVID-19 lockdown prompted a period of introspection, leading to clarity, simplification, and a renewed commitment to painting, as well as a desire to reach out to others in need.

She made the decision to give all money received from painting sales to charity.

Lesley said: “I realised that rather than just making a single donation, I could significantly increase my charitable contribution by using it instead to pay for art materials and then selling my paintings and gifting all the money received to charities.”



As well as supporting the charity, providing business and leadership expertise as a member of the Epilepsy Scotland Board of Governors for many years, Lesley has now successfully turned her hand to fundraising.

Over the past year she has donated all proceeds from her work to charities including the Stephen Lawrence Trust (now known as Blueprint for all), CHAS and Robin House.

She has raised almost £5,000 to date from the sale of her beautiful and unique paintings.

Lesley added: “Having worked closely with the staff of Epilepsy Scotland for several years, I have seen at first-hand how dedicated and hard-working they all are, and how valuable their contribution is to the clients they serve, making life-changing differences, in many cases.

I am absolutely delighted to be assisting them in their efforts to raise funds in these difficult times.”

As each of Lesley’s artworks are unique and original, they come with their own Certificate of Authenticity. To view the paintings currently on sale in aid of Epilepsy Scotland visit:

You can also follow Lesley on Instagram and LinkedIn.

In addition, Lesley has donated three artworks and joining a host of artists taking part in Lifeworks21, an online auction of art for Epilepsy Scotland taking place over Easter weekend. Click here for more information.