Introducing our #StudentSeptember campaign

We are excited to launch our #StudentSeptember campaign. Our goal this September is to increase awareness of epilepsy amongst students, and we want students with epilepsy to be more aware of the support available to them.

Our University Ambassador, Orla, has written a blog explaining what we have lined up this month to help you become more epilepsy aware.

There are many different paths people can choose to follow after high school, one of those being further education.

This can be a stressful time for anyone. It can be a person’s first time moving away from home or to a new city, and managing the extra responsibilities that come with that along with further academic and social pressures can be challenging at times.

Managing epilepsy alongside these challenges might be tricky, but having epilepsy does not mean you can’t achieve your aspirations of further education. We want all people with epilepsy to feel supported during their time in further education and are therefore dedicating this September to students.


“[Epilepsy] should not limit your aspirations”– A Queen Margaret University Graduate with epilepsy


Our #StudentSeptember campaign

Epilepsy Scotland’s goal this September is to ensure there is support for students with epilepsy during their time in further education and to increase awareness of epilepsy amongst all students.

We have created an exciting program of events to do so. Stay tuned throughout the month to find the following:

Student Guide– an informative guide that highlights key pieces of information students with epilepsy may want to consider as well as detailing the types of support that may be available.

Podcast– a podcast featuring two former students with epilepsy reflecting on their experiences in further education and offering advice to those at the beginning of their studies.

Webinar– a webinar geared at students, lecturers, staff, and anyone interested in epilepsy and student life. The Seizures While Studying webinar will explore epilepsy, the brain, and how this impacts learning. Sign up for free here.

Blog posts– a series of blogs covering different topics ranging from tips for students with epilepsy preparing for their studies to advice for peers, flatmates or friends.

You will be able to find all of this through Epilepsy Scotland’s social media and on our website throughout September. Keep your eyes peeled for all of these great resources!