Introducing our #ExcelWithEpilepsy campaign

National Epilepsy Week is here! This week until 29 May we are celebrating National Epilepsy Week and raising awareness of epilepsy.

By raising awareness, we hope to dispel some of the myths and reduce the stigma often associated with this very common condition.

For many people, epilepsy is a life changing condition. We know epilepsy can sometimes have a negative impact on people’s mental health, education, and employment opportunities.

However, living with epilepsy does not have to stop you from doing amazing things.

Our #ExcelWithEpilepsy campaign aims to raise awareness that epilepsy is not always a barrier or a limitation. You can still excel despite having a neurological condition.



During National Epilepsy Week, we will be sharing stories from a variety of people who have epilepsy and who are working in different industries such as sport and comedy.

We will also share stories from members of our Youth Group and Wellbeing Group, looking at how they have adapted to living with epilepsy and how they have overcome various challenges.

Our #ExcelWithEpilepsy campaign will also feature some of our fantastic fundraisers who have took on some incredible challenges and raised money for Epilepsy Scotland to help us continue to support people living with epilepsy in Scotland.

Also, we will be launching the latest episode of our #TalkEpilepsy podcast which will feature people who have had successful careers whilst living with epilepsy.

Your epilepsy may send you onto a different course in life than you had originally planned. However, you are a still you, epilepsy does not define you and you can still #ExcelWithEpilepsy.

Help us make our voice heard during National Epilepsy Week, dispel the myths and stigma and let everybody know that epilepsy does not have to be a barrier.