Impact fireworks and pyrotechnics can have on my daughter’s epilepsy

Angela’s daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was two years old. She explains the impact fireworks and other pyrotechnics can have on her daughter’s epilepsy.


What impact does fireworks and other pyrotechnics have on your daughter’s epilepsy?

It’s the noise, it over stimulates her makes her cry, then later usually with 24 hours she will have a seizure.

However, if we know when the bangs are likely to happen, wearing ear defenders will alleviate the shock.

Her behaviour is reminiscent of Autism Spectrum Disorder behaviour, the part of her brain that is mainly responsible for the seizures is the frontal lobe, this is responsible for reasoning and reading fear cues.


How challenging is it to manage your daughter’s seizure triggers around Bonfire Night when there are a lot of loud noises?

Ear defenders, stay indoors, play music, knowing exactly when and distraction, but mainly knowing when it’s going to happen can prevent over stimulating, random bangs are the worse!


What would you like to see done to highlight the dangers of pyrotechnic misuse such as fireworks and the harm it can cause people?

Education… as to loud bangs being a trigger not just lights and flashing for neurodifferent brains. How it could trigger a seizure that may go into status.


What would you say to others who have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy?

Keep your children occupied during the flashing and banging associated with pyrotechnics, discuss with them if they’re able I comprehend.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I was originally My daughter’s foster carer and we adopted her four years ago, she has been in the care system most of her life due to her complicated needs.

She has been with us eight years, she is now 12.

Every time she has a seizure, she can regress mentally and emotionally so it is best to know where and when these pyrotechnics are going to be held so we can accommodate her needs and prepare her.

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