How Epilepsy Scotland’s Welfare Rights service has helped me: Ann’s story

Ann has been living with epilepsy for 16 years. She shares the challenges faced and how Epilepsy Scotland’s Welfare Rights service has helped her.


How did you feel when you were first diagnosed with epilepsy?

Terrified, scared, no control of having and not knowing when I will have next seizure.


What type of seizures do you have? How does it affect you?

Tonic-clonic, absence seizure, trip/drop seizure. Just not knowing when the next seizure will happen and fear of being and going out alone.


What challenges have you faced since being diagnosed with epilepsy?

I lost a job I loved as a manager and eventually lost our beautiful home due to medication.

I took Vertigo and kept falling down the stairs. I am constantly living with fear and guilt.

I had to sell my house and move into a bottom council flat which I totally hate even though my husband has done it up comfortably but I hate it.


How did you hear about Epilepsy Scotland’s Welfare Rights service?

My husband found Epilepsy Scotland they were amazing. My husband was getting more stressed and uncertain filling in constant Department of Health and Social Security forms.

He got to the point where he needed help and Tracey and Epilepsy Scotland have been amazing. I got a full award mobility and daily living due to your help.


Where would you be without Epilepsy Scotland’s Welfare Rights service?

Without Epilepsy Scotland, we would not been as well informed on our rights.

They had so much more knowledge and professionalism when completing complex benefits forms. That took away stress from my husband and I completing the forms.


What would you say to people thinking about using Epilepsy Scotland’s Welfare Rights Service?

I would 100% recommend any person to contact Epilepsy Scotland for help, advice and knowledge with epilepsy and form filling ASAP.


What would you say to others who have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy?

Just want to say thank you to everyone at Epilepsy Scotland for all they have done for us Tracey you’re a diamond and so is other staff members so lovely and caring and professional.