Current campaigns - Epilepsy Scotland

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) campaign

We are regularly working to improve the lives of people with epilepsy. We learned of significant problems that people with epilepsy are facing when trying to claim PIP through our Welfare Rights Service. Through their work they found that people with epilepsy are routinely denied PIP at assessment.

They are then awarded the benefit after going through a lengthy appeal process.

We decided to investigate this further. We found staggering figures which highlighted the serious disadvantage that people with epilepsy are facing. Our PIP Factsheet has summarised the issues facing people with epilepsy.

Also, it outlines what we want to achieve during our campaign.

So far our campaign has been really successful:

  • Several MPs – including Mhairi Black MP – offered their support to the campaign.
  • An Early Day Motion was submitted to Westminster and received 34 MP signatures from across the political spectrum
  • The issues highlighted through the campaign were featured in the Herald and The Guardian
  • We wrote to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Amber Rudd MP – requesting a review into how people with epilepsy are assessed for PIP
  • We have started a petition requesting the Government to review how people with epilepsy are assessed for PIP.

However, we want to achieve more! This is an ongoing campaign and we want everyone to get involved. Use the hashtags #EpilepsyIsMoreThanSeizures and #GetAGripOnPip on social media  so we can spread the word about this problem.

Lobby your MP and urge them to take action on your behalf in Westminster.  Use our Lobbying Toolkit for some guidance on what to say! Together we can make change happen!