We regularly need the help of people with epilepsy to inform our policy work.

Previous engagement has allowed us to better respond to government consultations and paint a better picture to decision makers about what it is like to live with epilepsy.

More recently, we published our COVID-19 and Epilepsy impact reports. We developed these after several people answered our questionnaires, both at the beginning of the pandemic and then again one year later. These reports were shared with the Scottish Government to inform them how the pandemic is impacting the epilepsy community. You can read our ‘Epilepsy and COVID-19, one year on’ report here.

We have an engagement group who help us understand current issues facing people with epilepsy and what they need to live well on their own terms. They do this by answering occasional questionnaires or emails. We use this information to act on your behalf and make sure that people with epilepsy are properly represented.

Sound like something you could be interested in?
Email alindsay@epilepsyscotland.org.uk for more information on how you can join our amazing group!

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