Fundraising focus: Raising awareness for Purple Day

Our fantastic supporter, Ben, is helping raise awareness of epilepsy on Purple Day by getting 100 people to join him for two hours of body combat. Here he explains why he is raising awareness and raising money for Epilepsy Scotland.

I thought about this challenge for Purple Day to give people a variety of exercises to get involved with and for them to join me in raising awareness for a good cause that is close to my heart.

Exercise helps me with my condition and keeps my body and mind healthy and I want others to feel and know about the benefits specially for those suffering with epilepsy.

I wanted to bring awareness to that and show people how exercise can help and how there are many different forms of exercising so wanted to have a selection for everyone.

I’m hoping to achieve massive awareness and get 100 people join me on Purple Day for two hours of body combat which is fun exercise that will make us all feel good and benefit us and raise awareness at the same time.


Why I support Epilepsy Scotland

I support Epilepsy Scotland because epilepsy has had a massive impact on my life and has changed my whole life. I was diagnosed back in 2014 and was in / out of hospital constantly with bad seizures.

All the information I could ask for, I got from Epilepsy Scotland website, it was very helpful with lots of advice and support. I changed my career from being a full time chef to personal trainer.

This was because I started keeping fit and healthy to help my condition and I then wanted to help others in the same way.

I am now fitness manager of Gym64 in Glenrothes where I started out as a fitness instructor and have worked my way up through the years. If it wasn’t for me being diagnosed with epilepsy I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I have been supporting Epilepsy Scotland since 2017 and raised over £3000 so far and I will continue to support them every opportunity I have.

We would love to hear what you have planned for Purple Day! Let us know by emailing