People skydiving

Facing my fears to help people with epilepsy


Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young is doing a skydive to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland. Here Lesslie explains why.

Why am I facing my fears and jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet when I am afraid of heights? You may well ask.

In Scotland there are over 55,000 people living with epilepsy. 1 in 97 of our population. Many of those children, men and women will need to face their own fears every single day. Will I have a seizure? Where will I have a seizure? Will I hurt myself? Living with epilepsy is so much more than seizures. So other worries such as, will my seizure activity be misinterpreted, is my memory going to be affected? What will people think?

On Sunday 21 July, I am facing my own fears by doing this 10,000 ft tandem skydive to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland in support of those 55,000 people who are living with epilepsy and the fears that come with it. I also know from personal experience the impact a diagnosis of epilepsy can have on the person and their family, their community. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 10 months. In fact it was she who told me I had to do it!

This isn’t the first challenge I have taken on to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland. In 2010, my husband and I walked The Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness, a walk of 73 miles over 5 days.

Obviously, this challenge is on a different level and much scarier than anything else I have done. I am very much looking forward to doing the skydive, getting that adrenaline rush and raising as much money as possible. I’m not as nervous as you would think….yet!

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One of our fundraising campaigns has been making 2019 the year of facing fears. We have had a fantastic response from our fundraisers across Scotland, with several people taking part in adrenaline-filled fundraising activities.

There was a great response to our Zipslide across the Clyde in March and there will be another zipslide on Saturday 22 June. We have fundraisers who are taking part in a wing walk to raise money for Epilepsy Scotland. Now that is facing your fears! There are other brave people who are skydiving  to help raise awareness of epilepsy and those important funds.

It is fantastic to see so many people getting involved and taking on these challenges to help people who are living with epilepsy and their families.

If you would like to face your fears for Epilepsy Scotland email our fundraising team at or call 0141 427 4911.