George Service

#ExcelWithEpilepsy – My fundraising challenge

We have some incredible supporters who sign up to take part in a challenge and really dedicate so much time and effort to train, cross the finish line, and also fundraise and raise awareness to help support the work of our charity.

George recently completed the 100 Mile Challenge in January and also took part in the RUN4SIX challenge last year. We spoke to him about why he signed up and what supporting Epilepsy Scotland means to him.

“I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1990. After my diagnosis, I was left to my own devices, there was no further contact with the neurology department and no real information given to me regarding my epilepsy.

It felt quite lonely and very confusing as I wasn’t too sure what this meant for me at the time and also further down the line.

I went to my own GP and was increasing my medication (Tegretol) whilst taking blood after seizures, it then got to a point I was at the top end of my Tegretol so my GP made the decision to get me re-referred to the neurology department to get assessed.

It was only then I was finally given my first proper diagnosis of idiopathic generalised epilepsy.

It has been a bit of a journey and when I saw an opportunity to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland, I felt it had come at the right time.


RUN4SIX Challenge

The RUN4SIX Challenge was a great excuse to set myself a challenge and have something to train and work towards. I was overwhelmed with the support.

I then started a new job which coincided with the 100 Mile Challenge so after enjoying the RUN4SIX Challenge I thought why not!

It was a great way to encourage my new colleagues to sign up and do it with me, it was great to see how many people wanted to be involved.

This also helped me to get to know my new teammates and help them to understand more about my epilepsy.

Both challenges have been great for me and also feels really nice to feel supported by friends, family, and colleagues.”

George has personally raised well over £500 for Epilepsy Scotland. A huge thank you to George and everyone who sponsored and supported him.

If you would like to fundraise for Epilepsy Scotland, please get in touch by emailing or click here for more info.