The Firewalk Challenge

It’s going to be cold on January 25, 2020 but we’re going to change all that!

Cross the hot coals and get all your warm-hearted friends to help you raise £150 or more for Epilepsy Scotland. Then round off your triumph with a bowl of hot soup and tasty treats to bring the colour to your cheeks.

And it wouldn’t be Burns Night without a song and a verse or two.

It’s also included in our #Challenge 65, to mark 65 years of Epilepsy Scotland. Crossing the hot coals four times individually, or once each in a team of four, makes a distance of 65 feet.

Will you step up and sign up? Register to take part in the Firewalk for £30 which includes training before and supper afterwards.

Or come and support the participants and join in the fun for £5 – supper included. From 3pm onwards at Epilepsy Scotland, 48 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 1JL.

For more information contact or phone Margaret on 0141 427 4911.