2.6 Challenge - Epilepsy Scotland
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2.6 Challenge

Start Date: 01/05/2020

End Date:

Location: Anywhere

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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This time last year Lynn Beveridge was preparing for the London Marathon, running 26 miles to raise funds for Epilepsy Scotland. And she made over £3000!

This year there’s a new event which anyone can do at home, the 2.6 Challenge.

www.twopointsixchallenge.co.uk tells you all about it and will give plenty of ideas.

Just think of something you can do to raise funds, or something you can donate to Epilepsy Scotland. Like the London Marathon, thousands of charities are involved. It lasts a little longer – up to a week (or more if you want to).

But you don’t need months of training, just some creative thinking…. for example, a cup of coffee from your favourite café will cost around £2.60. The café is closed, why not donate your drink – £2.60 a time – to Epilepsy Scotland. In a week that makes £13, and if you do it with a friend, that’s £26.00. What else can you think of?

Or set yourself a 2.6 Challenge. Run or walk 2.6 miles every day for a week. Cycle 13 miles twice. Hop to the end of the street and back. Try 26 repetitions of Ben Smith’s workout moves.

But the most important bit, get your family and friends to give you £2.60 each time. Or more!

Donations and fundraising: go to our dedicated fundraising page on JustGiving.

Using JustGiving makes sure that all you raise will come directly to Epilepsy Scotland. And we’re setting ourselves a target of £2,600.

Don’t delay, the 2.6 Challenge is only available for a short time from April 26 – make sure you are set up and ready to go!