Epilepsy Scotland’s Annual General Meeting


Our Chief Executive, Lesslie Young looks ahead to our Annual General Meeting on Saturday.

This Saturday we are holding our Annual General Meeting at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel in Falkirk.

The meeting will feature small workshops and the opportunity to ask Epilepsy Scotland staff members any questions.

It is also an opportunity for us to share some of the exciting advances, achievements and developments that have taken place over the last 12 months. Also, the organisation’s plans for the future.

Epilepsy Scotland finds itself in a positive place. We have expanded our services with the introduction of our Glasgow Youth Project.

This service is in a position to work with and help young people across Glasgow who have epilepsy. This is thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Young Start and Short Breaks Fund Better Breaks.

We have also expanded our helpline and information service by launching a new weekly information service in Ayrshire based at the Baird Centre, within Hansel Village.

Having a base in Ayrshire as well as our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh will help us continue to provide vital information, support and guidance across the country.

It also underlines our commitment to support the 55,000 people who are living with epilepsy in Scotland.

The Cross-Party Group (CPG) is gathering greater momentum, influence and interest. It deals with significant issues impacting the lives of those living with epilepsy.

The September meeting will be on efforts to get a national database of patients with epilepsy in Scotland. Also,about research into the high death rate amongst people with epilepsy who are methadone users. In November, new SIGN guidelines for children with epilepsy will be launched at the CPG.


Richard Roberts

The AGM on Saturday will see our chair of our board, Richard Roberts, step down after nine years.

Richard has displayed the balance between strategic direction and his involvement in operational matters exactly right. Especially, when times have been difficult for the organisation over the years.

Thanks to Richard, this has resulted in ease of theoretic problem solving, building of stable relationships within the Board and the organisation at every level.

He has played an active role in fundraising by his attendance at as many functions as possible.

Equally he has been key in supporting me to navigate the organisation through some pretty stormy waters. Without his quiet strength, achieving the results that allow the organisation to maintain existing services and develop new ones would have been incredibly difficult if not impossible.

Richard’s combination of quiet strength, empathy, patience, experience and depth of knowledge have made him an exceptional trustee and leader.

We look forward to appointing our new chairperson of our board at the AGM on Saturday. We would also like to wish Richard all the very best in the future and thank him for everything he has done for Epilepsy Scotland.