Don’t let epilepsy rule your life

George was diagnosed with epilepsy 32 years ago. Here he shares how he felt when he was first diagnosed and what he would say to someone who was newly diagnosed.


How did you feel when you were first diagnosed?

Being 17 years old it was a shock to me but probably in hindsight I never realised the effect it would have on me.


Where did you have your first seizure and how did you feel?

Luckily at home but no one was in so I was unsure of what happened.


What type of seizures do you have? How does it affect you?

Idiopathic generalised seizures, which is a mixture of myoclonic and tonic clonic seizures.


What challenges have you faced since being diagnosed and how have you overcome them?

Trying to recognise warning signs of seizures, finding ways of keeping calm and dealing with the effects of medication.


We always say that epilepsy is more than seizures. Do you feel this has been your experience?

Yes I would say this is true.


What would you say to someone who has been recently diagnosed?

Treat it with respect but don’t let it rule your life.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Feel a lot of people need to be educated on epilepsy and the affects of epilepsy. This includes some GPs.

If you would like to share your experiences of living with epilepsy, please email David Coates our Communications Officer on or call 0141 427 4911.